Signaling Pathway Database

The Signaling PAthway Database (SPAD) is an integrated database for genetic information and signal transduction systems.

There are multiple signal transduction pathways: cascade of information from plasma membrane to nucleus in response to an extracellular stimulus in living organisms. Extracellular signal molecule binds specific intracellular receptor, and initiates the signaling pathway. Now, there is a large amount of information about the signaling pathway which controls the gene expression and cellular proliferation. We have developed an integrated database SPAD to understrand the overview of signaling transduction. SPAD is divided to four categories based on extracellular signal molecules (Growth factor, Cytokine, and Hormone) and stress, that initiate the intracellular signaling pathway. SPAD is compiled in order to descrive information on interaction between protein and protein, protein and DNA as well as information on sequences of DNA and proteins.

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Extracellular Signal Molecules

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